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We have the ability to make custom sizes and styles. Most flowerpots crack when left out during a freeze. Ours works as an insulator protecting your plants roots and saving water.

We have a wide variety of sizes. Here's a list...

3" small round no saucer

3" square no saucer

4" round with saucer

6" round with saucer

8" round with saucer

10" round with saucer

12" round with saucer

14" round with saucer

24" round with no saucer

These are all made with recycled plastics. Our new Ecobiopots are made from Biomass please call for pricing.

Call or email to place a order we do accept credit cards using (square)

Custom triangles made for herb gardens. 

3" flowerpots to the right.

Ecobiopot below.

We do have a overage of Terra Cotta 12" pots with saucers buy now in bulk.

We have roughtly 300  for sale at $5.00 each 

send a email to ecoflowerpots@rconnect.com subject 12" terra cotta 


Bulk orders with custom colors