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 Introducing our new Biomass flowerpots. Plant your seeds in these flowerpots in the spring then once your garden is ready either take the plant out and crumple the pot and drop it in the hole, or drop the hole pot in the hole and forget it. 


What it is - Bio-Res TM PLA compounds are produced using a propriety process that uses the plant base by-product of agriculture.

Green Product- Pellets are made from a renewable resource and uses no toxic chemicals. Each pound of pellets replace petroleum base resin reduces crude oil use by about 1/3 of a gallon, also sequesters about 3/4 a pound of carbon.

Benefits of Bio-Res:

Tree Free                             Petroleum Free                 Plant Based Material

Single Year crops                  Provides Fertilizer Effect     Reduces Root Wrap

Made in USA                         Compostable                    Earth Friendly

Biomass plant on left, standard poly pot on right, both plants planted at same time.

Contact us for pricing at ecoflowerpots@rconnect.com (subject) Biopots


Above is a test using our new Biomasspots and a regular Claypot. We used the same soil amount in each pot. Same watering conditions and temperature. The pot on the left is fuller and stronger. By using our flowerpots for starting your plants you give them a better head start over clay, plastic, or peatpots. 

Top view Biomasspot (Left) Clay (Right)

Side view Biomasspot (left) Clay (R)

Our new drop test. Ecoflowerpots  and a terra cotta pot (clay)

Note ours is the one that doesn't break